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Early Years..

MAB was formed in 1996 by Alice Dionis (Psycho Jeremy) and Jessica Dionis (Jecky Stella) in Carbonia (Sardinia - Italy).

They started up as a trio together with former bass player Martina Silli as Alice was playing guitar back then.

They got together united by their love for Queen and they seemed very determined to make it as rock stars!

Marina Cristofalo joined the band later in January 1997 and the real journey began. 

They were aged between 14 and 20 but pretty serious about their music: they rehearsed every single day for years, toured Sardinia top to bottom and got their name heard on local papers and television.


With the help of their first manager Michael Antonacci they recorded their first album called NOUGAT! in a studio in Sestu (CA) which was 70 Km away from their home town. They travelled back and fourth every day (after school) in a white FIAT PANDA on a rough road full of mud due to road works, but they where so happy and excited they did not have one care in the world. They just went for it!

NOUGAT! was released just before Christmas 1997.

In early 2000 the line up was changed, a new bass player came along, Deborah Colella, but after the summer Alice started to play bass in the band which became a trio again.


It was in 2001 when Jessica suggested "Why don't we move to London and make it happened for real?" 

Alice and Marina had only just finished high school.. music was everything to them so they said.. "Why not?"


The  Struggle and the Fun..

They had booked their tickets for October 2001, left their beautiful island behind to start a real adventure in one of the biggest cities in the world.

London was tough, they got there with almost nothing but their guitars, drums sticks and three bags full of necessities. The hardest thing was getting jobs and not to be able to play for a few months since they needed to get settled first.

Alice was the first to get a job in a pub, all the money they had with them was used for the rent and travelcards, so it was always exciting when Alice got home and brought some tips so they could buy the bare basics!  

Once properly settled they started concentrating on their music again.

A second guitarist joined the band, she was also from Sardinia and as a matter of fact they had met before.. it felt like destiny unfolding like magic.. Lisa Dply Masia joined the band.

They had lots of fun in London, playing many gigs in small venues but also important and big ones. 

They shared the same love for music, hopes and dreams, and the same home too where they built their own studio.


Here is a brief list of some venues where they performed just to name a few: Mean Fiddler, Koko, The Marquee, The Borderline, Islington Academy, The Garage, The Underworld, the Barfly in Camden and The Hammersmith Apollo where they opened for HIM back in October 2004.


Also in 2004 they toured the UK with Breed 77.


Between 2005 and 2006 they recorded their album DECAY with producer Guillermo MAYA, which was published in 2007 by Universal Music in Italy and Casket Records in UK.


They had the pleasure to have a very special guest for their album: LENE LOVICH which collaborated for the song ASTROPHEL.



The Void..

In 2006 they had the pleasure to be part of a special tribute to GIUNI RUSSO for the Album UNUSUAL performing one of her hits of the 80s ADRENALINA, and they started a friendly collaboration with FRANCO BATTIATO starring as guests in his movie NIENTE E' COME SEMBRA and also guest singing in three tracks of his album: IL VUOTO.


They received lots of media attention back then in Italy and Spain where they accompanied FRANCO BATTIATO for his tour in both countries and some promotional television appearances like SANREMO, DOMENICA IN and CHE TEMPO CHE FA', all back in 2007.

In the same year, invited by KASBA COMMUNICATION, they played a very special gig in honour of film Icon DAVID LYNCH after his conference about Transcendental Meditation that took place in Palermo.


MAB performed at the HEINEKEN JAMMING FESTIVAL on June 21, 2008 opening for MARLENE KUNTZ and VASCO ROSSI. 


This wonderful journey unfortunately came to a end in August 2008 when the girls parted ways.


Marina and Lisa started a new band called Lilies on Mars while Alice and Jessica realised a song called MARJATTA with session guitarist Elisa Pisetta in 2010.

In 2011 Alice (guitars, bass and vocals) and Jessica (drums) recorded a new album called ILLUSION in Moralzarzal (Madrid) with their producer and friend Guillermo MAYA which was released on November the 24th. 

In the same year, Alice had the pleasure to collaborate alongside with Roberto Tiranti and Fabio Lione, on a song called 'Eroe', italian version of 'Héroe' by Ives Gullé Husar, the first Chilean metal-rock opera, who tells with music about the struggle for independence and freedom.

In 2018 Alice started a new band called Aliceissleeping which released an E.P. called 'Space Wanders and Bleeding Hearts' and an album in 2021 called 'Completely Fine'. 

MAB has finally reunited in the summer 2023 with a show in London at The Boston Music Rooms and is currently working on new material as long as booking new shows for their 2024 tour.

Fusion of souls in the circle of Death.
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